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Wood Sage

June 10th, 2011 · No Comments · Medicinal Plants Poetry Project

Lying on the rocks and rain held
crinkly tempest
I am well oiled.
Slated, bereft, spindle thin
mint me in bitter slats
of indifference and get lost.
Don’t need toxic sympathy,
your legal definition.
Go on rub your hands
infuse or snuff
and let me penetrate
every nymph and cranny.
Let me give you something
I is not enough.
Feed your ulcer
I am the Leveller
fresh to e
pick me up Gatherer
in high heel aroma
a a a a.
Light headed tonight.
Out of clump and custom fabrication.
Heal, or Devil take the hind.
Re-curved lower lip
ring of humulene
Bladdered. Sore and st.
Come close and torture
cusses from my veins.
Mary mild call home your child.
Come close. See my brown anthers
remember the mute and forgotten.
I do not need withy. You lot rot centre out.
David Caddy
(From Herbarium, a new poetry anthology. Launch and reading 22 July)

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