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June 10th, 2011 · No Comments · Medicinal Plants Poetry Project

be kind!         this is the first rule
                                    of the reformed
to be kind one must learn to accept
for punishment is not a disease
    it is an easel
      landing for joy
a loyal companion
        parading with trumpets
a triumph             soft phalanx of frogs
  a green tide turning
                                              bomb threat     bivouac
Us, caught
        on our knees in Maria’s upstairs
      our nose                           full of underwear
imagining the below-short / above knee thigh
& prison
  Us, a Caucasian puppy
  born to sniff
& untaken in large doses
      acting as a gentle purgative.
a vermifuge
bruised and boiled in lard
              to sprout, grow & blossom
                                              a free plant!
candied & ready
our love is an ointment which is good for wounds.
S.J. Fowler
(From Herbarium, a new poetry anthology. Launch and reading 22 July)

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