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Self Heal

June 14th, 2011 · No Comments · Medicinal Plants Poetry Project

to rub a mind across a meadow
sweet & find a nest of unfurled
feverfew & Nature - - th
synaesthetic’s palm unclasping
thro th mountain’s guts are passed
    leech thro rock & mantle
to th pincer lips of white embedded grass
    in gratitude reciprocate w/ produce
sea gestate & cloud cycles
cartoon steady
- - in certitude life
    autotunes romance to
parthenogenesis - - so we can meet again
& make th same words equivalent
thro equations
society finds itself a pharmacy
a mycelium, or th interstitial web that forms
in dense packed fungus on th cusp of putrefaction
- - th viva voce answers to th swan song &
flips th invisible bird
    th invisible hand job is th glue that binds us
that cleans th streets
- - th homeless aren’t pathetic: they hold th
memory of money
impregnant w/ potency
generous & perceptive
    wait on grounded jets as th ash takes a drag from
th firmament, precipitates petrol & re-hymens sky
- - today we are to each other as a vacuum
    two suckers that w/ all our might make th blowback
where what is blown back is th same degraded ball of air
- - apply hir to you like an invocation
high on love & insolvency
yr own body will answer for the fitness of th
world & what it is
- - identical in th flyting of yr capillaries
        know thyself, heal
in a sunken moss hole/womb/mouth/bed
as th bruise begets a lotion
glance upwards - - force th bruise into th blue skin
to charm a lotion
note th inevitability of resolution
- - lean & be caught
wrong & i’ll be wronged
limp our necks together like salt & pepper shakers
& vibrate
        as in sympathy
th poles shift
    as a line makes circles in
penetrating water & pushes radiation surface deep
feel as capital clicks thro th cosmos
echolocate as sentiment & aerate so
    th earth is passed - - each grain touched
thro a segment of th long & arched possessive heart
Posie Rider
(From Herbarium, a new poetry anthology. Launch and reading 22 July)

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