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Salad Burnet

July 1st, 2011 · No Comments · Medicinal Plants Poetry Project

sanguisorba minor
lesser blood sucker
dried, bundled, pressed to a minor wound.

it is not of this poultice that baudelaire wrote:
Then subtle poison I implored
To do what my own hand could not

the victim of some casual attack,
parched, folded, pressing his minor wound.

it is not in ventriloquy of some brutalised boy that baudelaire wrote:
But sword and potion both disdained
My supplication and my need

papist brotherwords name an older wisdom,
traditione sinensis,
obscure gods for the woundboy, more absent than unfound.

it is not through these that baudelaire wrote:
Some men are worthy of our aid,
And some deserving to be freed

Jon K. Shaw
(From Herbarium, a new poetry anthology. Launch and reading 22 July)
Quotations from Walter Martin’s translation of Baudelaire’s ‘The Vampire’, Complete Poems (Manchester: Carcanet, 1997), p.81.

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