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July 1st, 2011 · No Comments · Medicinal Plants Poetry Project

In a dream I saw a donkey
riding a lady. Big donkey dick,
furry donkey balls like
“Get you gone, you dwarf,
you minimus!”
Oh womanhood
denies my tongue to tell
more details but I heard,
“Please tumble me, o beastly
Should I strike her,
kill her dead? My brother
will cut off her hands.
Who will not
change a raven for a dove?
Not me, and not down
Hamsptead tube and not
In a French sink full of savon.
My other brother will cut
out her tongue, wash it in
the French sink, prepare
to feed it to the swarthy old
Titan down Hampstead tube.
The donkey is gone.
The queen is dead.
All my brothers think they’re in love.
Drink a silly drink and that’s what happens:
Everything smells of a knicker drawer.
Ben Borek
(From Herbarium, a new poetry anthology. Launch and reading 22 July)

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