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Broad Bean

June 24th, 2011 · No Comments · Medicinal Plants Poetry Project

Hedonistic~Homeostatic~Dysregulation Jack
Pumped up with L-Dopa from broad beans
Self-supporting erect 0.5 up to 1.8 metres tall
With stout stem that’s just the beanstalk
Climbs mesolimbic pathway to Hedonia
Dopamine reward of gold coins chicken
Lays the gold eggs harp plays by itself
With concentration ultimately gets the Count’s daughter
Swaps one cow for broad beans sending
Dopamine to corpus striatum ease of relaying
His mother dismayed casts away broad beans
Breaks up smooth flow but risk and fortune that’s favomancy
Broad beans high-hardiness can over-the-winter
Prevent soil erosion fix nitrogen easily grown
With morning Jack ascends again mesolimbic pathway
Aroused to the land high up to Hedonia’s Giant castle
Jack’s movements come through fast and precise
Dopamine through his nerves broad beans have been cast
Giant’s wife warns Jack and the Giant is killed blood on his hands
Cuts down the beanstalk marries the Count’s daughter
James Harvey
(From Herbarium, a new poetry anthology. Launch and reading 22 July)

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